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The brand has emerged driven by a will to create sustainably made architectural jewellery that could be worn by men and women


All the way from its production to the brand’s packaging, esquivel. proudly celebrates the concept of slow fashion through the use of handmade and traditional jewellery processes. All pieces are carefully designed and made by the designer Sofia Esquivel in her studio to guarantee the quality of its execution.



Every jewellery piece is inspired by a specific building or architect, creating a unique dialogue between the jewellery piece and the detailed scale of the architecture.


Our brand draws upon a principal of made-to-order limited editions and exclusive pieces, allowing for a more sustainable process and waste reduction. The use of precious metals contributes to the opportunity of converting non used silver into something new, while the packaging is mainly formed by recycled materials made out of cotton and food waste.




Sofia Esquivel has a background in Architecture and Set Design, and it was in London where she lived for the last 7 years, that she first had contact with silversmithing, leading her to study handmade jewellery techniques.

Her professional experience since day one has led her to thrive among multidisciplinary creative areas, having worked for several years in a collective of artists and designers ‘ studio, creating comissioned sculptural and interactive artworks. It was during that period that she emerged within the handcrafted jewellery universe, pursuing the perfect balance between design process of sculptural pieces and delicate handcrafted techniques.

Influenced by her architecture background, her brand follows the belief of a combination of manual techniques combined with a contemporary and technological approach to processes and design.

Therefore, esquivel. gives voice to the designer’s ambition to merge her work experience, values and passions in one single project that has the aim to create timeless wearable artworks that will tell your story. After all, jewellery is a collection of people’s stories.