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        With the right care and cleaning, every esquivel. creation will last a lifetime. 

        Material and Colours

        Silver - The material used is 925 Silver - the most common Silver alloy.

        Gold Vermeil - Gold plating is a process where a layer of gold is placed on to coat the surface of 925 silver. Therefore, extra care should be taken to maximise its lifespan. 

        Jewellery Care

        Silver tends to naturally oxidise with time and use, creating a grey/yellow hue on the surface, so proper care and cleaning of your jewellery will help to maintain its original condition. Moisture, lotion, water, perfume and perspiration can also lead to tarnishing of your jewellery. To delay tarnishing, keep your jewellery away from water and store it in a dry, moisture-free place, ideally inside the jewellery case.

        Gold plating will also eventually tarnish over time and wear. Avoid wearing gold plated jewellery with other pieces as scratches will cause the gold plating layer to fade away faster.

        Cleaning products for silver can be easily purchased in most DIY shops. Please dip it in and follow its instructions. Alternatively, you can use a soft cotton ball with toothpaste, and wash it with water. Avoid rubbing it as you can damage the finishing. Make sure you dry it completely using a soft cloth.

        For any further advice or maintenance, please contact us